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Setting the "Tone" for your skin

Posted by Meredith Scarcliff on


Setting the Tone:


Toners, the most misunderstood and skipped of all facial products, have come a long way and are not the harsh astringents we often associate with the name.  In fact, the words “toner” and “astringent” were most often interchangeable in the 1980s-2000s, both associated with that skin tingling, eye watering, chemical peel feeling.  I admit it; I put those alcohol-laden, camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove concoctions directly on my skin as a teenager.  I would be more likely to clean my floor with them now.   We didn’t know any better; it seemed logical to shock the acne-prone oily face into another Ph dimension.   Sure, I may not have broken out as often, but I ended up with chronically dry skin that would randomly rebel, get very oily, break out, then return to flaking.  This was enough to scare me away from anything by the name “toner” until I found the Hydrosol Toner of this century, a floral and/or herbal infused concoction (water, witch hazel, and/or much lesser amounts of alcohol).  

Maybe you, like me in my later years, have found no place for an over-drying skin solvent, assuming that these are only for cleaning the desperately oily skin but I am here to tell you, it’s a myth.

Why do we need a toner?  What is a toner supposed to do?

  1. Tone.  It’s right there in the name.  DMAE, contained in our toners, is known for increasing firmness and elasticity in the skin, making facial contours more defined.

  2. Shrink Pores.  By removing any left-over debris or sebum after cleansing, it empties the pores, giving them a smaller appearance, giving the skin a smoother and more even tone as well.

  3. Balance PH.  Because our skin is naturally acidic, the alkaline nature of cleansers can disturb the balance within, causing the skin to over-react (possibly resulting in excess oil) to balance itself.   Using a Toner will rest that Ph balance quickly.

  4. Protect against environment. Toners not only shrink pores, closing them to environmental contaminants and impurities, but can also help remove chlorine and minerals left from tap water.

  5. Deliver nutrients. Our toners are loaded with nutrients that feed the skin in the first layer of daily application.  These are placed thoughtfully to work with our serums and moisturizers to achieve maximum anti-aging and protective effect.

  6. Refresh.  In our on-the-go culture, it is often necessary to wake the skin up and reset the balance throughout the day.   The gentler Hydrosols, such as our Lavender Hydrosol Toner and our Carrot Seed Hydrosol are perfect for this!

  7. Set the tone for your skin nutrition.  Think of this step in your skin care as that healthy salad you eat before the main course.  It helps what follows to work most efficiently and get where it needs to go.

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