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Anti-Aging Hydrosol Toners


Our Toners and Hydrosols, packed with anti-aging ingredients, can be used on all skin types, according to preference, but are each targeted for specific needs as well.

Sensitive and Dry Skin:

Our Lavender Hydrosol Toner does not contain any witch hazel or alcohol, making it the gentlest and most beneficial for skin that is overly sensitive, reactive, or overly dry.   Lavender is naturally calming for skin and for mood, as well as being a gentle and effective skin balancer.  The DMAE added to this toner maintains a strong anti-aging benefit.  DMAE is especially talented in smoothing muscle contraction, extending the life of cells, and giving the skin a toned and firm appearance.  

Dry, Normal, and Combination Skin:

Our Carrot Seed Hydrosol Toner is perfect for all types of skin, yet still effective against eczema, psoriasis, dry, and aging skin.   This product does contain witch hazel (made with alcohol), giving it the power to eradicate bacteria and clean out any excess sebum or dirt left after cleansing, while still balancing the Ph and fighting the signs of aging in the skin.  Carrot Seed has a high concentration of wrinkle fightins nutrients, making it the most efficient anti-aging toner we have. The DMAE added to this toner maintains a strong anti-aging benefit.

Normal, Combination, and Oily Skin:

Our Herbal Renewal Toner is made with both carrot seed and lavender, in addition to  other fresh herb extracts to calm, smooth, and thoroughly tone both aging and acne prone skin.  The witch hazel content in this product is slightly higher than that of the Carrot Seed Hydrosol, making it even more effective in clearing away excess sebum, bacteria, and other skin clogging agents.  The herbs within are designed to counter the astringent properties in the witch hazel by soothing the skin, restoring the PH, and creating an ideal environment for facial oils and moisturizers.