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What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is an organized social movement based on the principles of economic and social justice. It is a market-driven approach to alleviating global poverty while sustaining cultural traditions. Fair trade creates opportunities for low-income artisans and growers.

 The income earned by growers and harvesters allows them to provide food, clean water, clothing, shelter, and health care for their families. It also allows for advances in infrastructure and community development.

     Indira supports fair trade by purchasing fair-trade ingredients through cooperatives and independent farmers in West Africa, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

     Indira Shea's Fair Trade ingredients include: shea butter, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, wild African honey, argan oil, and rooibos tea.  

     As part of our mission, we donate to cooperatives in these communities to support their ability to produce, grow, and sell at a fair trade price. So, on behalf of our suppliers, we'd like to thank you for purchasing fair trade because every time you purchase from Indira or other companies that support fair trade you are helping to make the lives of indigenous growers and harvesters better.