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Most frequently asked questions about Indira Skin Nutrition products:

1. Why does Indira use raw ingredients in its products? 

At Indira Skin Nutrition, we try to produce the most nutritious products we can. We use mostly raw, unrefined ingredients because they are not processed and stripped of their precious vitamins and minerals. This means that the consumer gets products rich in nutrients that benefit the skin, as if they gathered all of the ingredients from nature themselves.   Our raw, unrefined ingredients include butters, oils, herbs, and beeswax. We make extracts and hydrosols (herb and flower infused water) from fresh herbs and minimally filter these herbs to preserve their nutritional value.  

2. Why are there sometimes variations in the way the products look and feel?

Although we like to keep our production consistent, there are times when variations do occur. The primary reason for inconsistency is due to the raw materials we use. Because the ingredients we use are not refined, there may be variations in color and consistency.  Carrot Seed Oil is a prime example.  Sometimes it's dark and greenish and others, nearly as pale as jojoba oil.   Since it comes from a wild growing carrot plant, it is difficult to predict what the next batch will look like - but it's always fresh.

 3. Why do Indira Skin Nutrition products have a limited shelf life?

There are two reasons we have a limited shelf life. First, Indira Shea products are very pure. We make some of the purest skin products available and that's very important to us. We do not use potentially dangerous chemical preservatives, which are designed to extend the shelf life of products.  Our preservatives are naturally derived and many of them have much more than preservative purpose.   Vitamin E, for example, is a powerful healing agent for the skin, among many talents, but also extends shelf life.  The second reason for the limited shelf life is the raw materials we use. The vast majority of skin care brands use only refined ingredients. Refining raw materials will keep the product on the shelf longer allowing products to be mass produced. This is the upside of using refined ingredients. The downside is that refined ingredients have been stripped of most vitamins and minerals and offer little nourishment to the skin. At Indira Shea we make our products fresh to order. We stamp each with an expiration date  - usually 6-12 months. That way you know you are getting a product that is fresh and nutritious!   The difference between buying our products and buying many others on the market is much like the difference between buying fresh vegetables from the organic produce section and buying canned vegetables, source and origin unknown, with preservatives, salt and possibly sugar added, from the aisle in the grocery store.  

 4. Why do Indira Skin Nutrition products sometimes go bad before the expiration date? 

Occasionally, Indira products will "go bad" on or before the expiration date. This is usually because bacteria has gotten into the product causing premature deterioration. Indira products are more similar to food than they are to other skin care products. Therefore they spoil in the same way.  The products should not be exposed to consistent or extreme heat, left in direct sunlight, or allowed to remain open (under a loose cap, especially in moist, bacteria friendly environments.   All of Indira products have been tested, their life expectancy re-examined multiple times. In the vast majority of cases the product will remain stable past the expiration date. If the product does go bad, it is likely the result of one of the above exposures.   We try to account for these things with protective packaging, whenever possible (like amber colored bottles for photo-sensitive ingredients).  Regardless of the reason, if you purchase a product that does not stay fresh until it expires, we will offer you a replacement product at no cost to you.   An intact expiration sticker will aid us in this process.    Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

5. Indira products are not Certified Organic, why not?

Although we use mostly organic ingredients, we have chosen not to certify our products for two primary reasons. First, to fully meet the needs of our customers, we are continually improving and enhancing our products. To use the certification seal, we would need to certify each product each time we reformulate. This would be time-consuming and expensive.   We choose to spend our resources making the very best products we can.   This means we continually upgrade and improve our products.   Second, we know that many certified organic products available are not the best products for your skin. In fact, they are often full of fillers, thickeners, and stabilizers (all of which are allowed in USDA Organic products) and they lack the nutritional quality of a truly pure product. Thus, a product stamped as USDA Certified Organic may be safe to use, but may not be the best for your skin.  While we still strive to have it all (Best, Cleanest, Purest, Most effective, and Organic, when we can),  we avoid all GMOs and chemicals always, and keep your best nutritional issues at heart.


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