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Our Vision

There are literally thousands of brands of skin care products on the market today.

What makes us different?

Indira Skin Nutrition, LLC, is unsurpassed in our dedication to simplicity, purity, freshness, customer service, education, and nutrition delivered directly to the skin, as part of the whole healthy body. Our products are so healthy and natural, we consider them food for the skin. As nutritious skin food, they nourish the largest organ in your body, fighting signs of age, making it stronger, firmer, softer, healthier, and ready to face the elements around you.  

Our goal is to bring Nature's good intentions, unaltered, directly to your skin, in its cleanest and purest form, to provide maximum nutrition and achieve optimal results. Our products are made fresh to order without chemical preservatives, synthetics, fragrances, or petroleum based ingredients. Each ingredient has a straight forward purpose in the products we make and is included after careful consideration. We harvest many of them personally, immediately before production, here in northern Michigan, and acquire many through free-trade cooperatives in their organic native environments (such as shea and wild honey from Africa). We use unrefined ingredients as much as possible, maintaining the integrity of the raw content.

Typically, when you purchase a skin care product, you have no way of knowing how long it has been sitting on a shelf. At Indira Skin Nutrition, products are made after an order is placed and stamped with an expiration date (typically 6 months to a year from the date of manufacture). We want you to have the purest, freshest, and closest-to-nature product available made with integrity, thoughtful formulation, and a quality that creates visible results and many happy consumers!

Please let us know what you think, follow our blog, ask questions, and learn strategies for getting the fabulous skin you deserve.

We'll keep trying to produce the best natural products with the most effective anti-aging ingredients available.  Don't forget to share with your friends.  They might even love you more for it, and when no one can guess your real age, the friends you share Indira with probably won't tell either.