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Our Team

Indira products have been on the natural skincare scene for over 12 years!   All of our products are thoughtfully handcrafted with a mad passion for raw, unrefined, organic, and natural ingredients in Traverse City Michigan.  They are made in very small batches, most of them only after being ordered, without any harmful chemical preservatives, parabens, or unnecessary fillers.  We find that what really makes us stand out is the amount of love and energy our team puts into our products.   We would not have gotten this far without our passionate devotion to the mission of our company, and all involved.  Thank you for being a part of our team and passing on your love our products too!

Meredith Scarcliff - Owner and Chief Product Developer (2016 - present)

Meredith purchased Indira’s formulas, assets, and trademark in the fall of 2016, after leaving her career in the health & fitness industry, further committing herself to encouraging a clean, healthy, and natural way of living to everyone she comes in contact with.  Having been raised an active child of nine, a conscious eater, and careful consumer of skin care products (due to sensitivities and allergies), Meredith taught her athletes that nutritional technique was just as important as swimming technique, and worked hard with them on getting the right input for the desired output.    Her own mother’s insistence on herbal remedies, aromatherapy, and hearty nutrition for great skin, healthy mood, and solid physical well-being had made her keenly aware of the phrase “garbage in, garbage out”.   Despite this background, she did not unplug fully from the mainstream consumption of skincare products until her early 30s, while battling an auto-immune disorder.   An avid researcher, she dug deeper into skin nutrition and the absorption of preservatives and chemicals through the skin and into the bloodstream, spending the better half of the following decade seeking out products and practices to support a cleaner lifestyle based on raw, organic, and unrefined ingredients for the skin.  The solutions she found were either too expensive to rationalize the investment while raising children or too perfect “on paper” but ineffective on the skin conditions she was fighting, no matter how natural.  This was all true until she discovered Indira Shea and Indira Skin Nutrition.   After a long conversation with Rose Foley, the founder of Indira, in a local community co-op, she began adding a new Indira product every few weeks and fell in love with everything about them.   The research, organic sourcing, and formulations were solid, well thought out, and very effective.  When Rose was looking to sell her company and pass on these beloved formulations, both found a perfect fit in Meredith taking over and carrying on the Indira Traditions.  

Heather Carmona - Sales Consultant (2014 - present)

Heather provides sales and product support for Indira Skin. She's a mom, a business consultant, a certified Health Coach, and a self-professed ‘natural’ product junkie.  As she approached the age of 40, she became intrigued with the growing epidemic of cancer, endocrine, and other health issues of women in their 30's.  She began researching the toxic ‘body burden’ and began detoxing her own beauty routine. Over the years, Heather has published articles, spoke at conferences and taught community education classes on avoiding toxins in skincare.  Her favorite Indira product is the Carrot Seed Oil.

Rose Foley -  Founder, Former Owner and Chief Product Developer (2004 to 2016)

Rose is the mastermind behind the forming of Indira Skin Nutrition and Indira Shea along with the core line of products now manufactured by Indira Skin Nutrition, LLC and remains a close consultant to the company with over 14 years of experience making natural skin care products.  Rose's passion for wellness and holistic living is the firm foundation these products were built on.  Noticing her skin aging prematurely and after years of using expensive department store brands, she was looking for something different.  Reading almost 40 ingredients listed on one label (none of which could easily be pronounced or recognized) led her to stop blindly buying products that always seemed to fall short and start researching. After months of steady research, she learned that many of the ingredients found in common skincare products were either harmful or provided no benefit to the skin whatsoever.  Furthermore, she concluded that while many products are "certified organic" they aren't necessarily good for the skin and may not offer much anti-aging benefit. There were plenty of natural products on the market, but none offered a combination of raw, unrefined oils with anti-aging actives that she was looking for.  Rose began creating and testing her own products, quickly learning that the source of the ingredients were critical to their effectiveness.  After years of formulating and testing, Rose's dedication to clean and effective skincare gave birth to Indira Shea, and later, Indira Skin Nutrition.